Concord Global Business School is a world-class international educational establishment that provides quality educational programs to students, working professionals and corporate organizations globally. WE offer academic programs, corporate training and vocational training.

We have partnered with an international network of institutions of higher education to ensure that our students get quality education. Many of programs are accredited by the ATHE UK an awarding body monitored and assessed by QAA, theĀ Quality Assurance Agency, the Government appointed quality assurance body.

Our excellently designed curriculum covers major modules that ensures that our students are academically challenged and have the skills and knowledge to adapt to the dynamic world of education upon completion and can also enhance or progress their careers in the work place. Our programs consist of a wide range of disciplines including IT, Law, Business, tourism and hospitality, and Oil & Gas. Our curriculum is professionally oriented and is delivered to fit a global market place. This ensures that our courses enable all students will be well equipped for a professional career.

Concord Global Business School offers our students a pathway to a wide range of leading universities in the UK. Whatever your academic ambitions, our ATHE-validated preparation program will help you to make the transition to the British education system and progress to your chosen degree at a UK university.